Award winning art duo Cleary & Connolly live and work between Paris and Ireland. Their highly engaging artworks focus on perception of space and the relationship with the public. They design interactive environments that often integrate new technologies, and usually engage with architecture and place, including the Pompidou Centre, Paris (2009); The Barbican, London (2010); the Casino, Dublin (2013); the Dead Zoo, Dublin (2014); the Marconi Station, Clifden (2016) and the German Gymnasium, London (2016).

Extract from RVB. 2004

ANNE CLEARY & DENIS CONNOLLY have lived and worked in Paris since 1990.

They have two children, (their best work to date):




C&C working on the optics for the Meta-Perceptual Helmets

Paris, April 2014

Above: C&C at Pompidou Centre, 2009