A member of the public tries the Horsehead at the Dead Zoo, National Museum, Dublin, November 2014

Carmella Uranga wearing the Hammerhead Helmet, Paris, July 2014

Working on the Equiluminance Helmets and the Equiluminance Room with David Byrne, Governors Island, NYC, October 2017

Salammbo Connolly presents the prototype with Patrick Cavanagh at the Seeing Colour conference in Regensburg, September 2016

Study for Equiluminance Helmet, 2015

Study for Equiluminance Helmet, 2015

Study for Equiluminance Helmet, 2017

Diagram of S cone isolating technique (Patrick Cavanagh)

A scene in full colour and luminance and a simulation of the same scene in white and yellow, approximately as experienced through the equiluminance filter

The Equiluminance Helmet is a wearable version of Dr. Patrick Cavanagh’s S cone isolating technique, constructed to explore vision at that explored what the world looked like in pure colour, without the dark and light contrasts, and the contours, motion, and depth given by luminance. The resulting vision of the world is very challenging: motion of certain objects appears to slow or even to stop; other objects seem to suddenly move from one position to another; depth in general seems to collapse…