22 JANUARY : Patrick Cavanagh Monster Flash / Jenny Brady 2 films / Hervé Binet Gustatory experience / Dinah Bird & Jean Philippe Renoult Little Voice / Être par Six Choreographed experimental performance / Billy Ramsell Poetry performance / Roseanne Lynch Photographic installation / Concorde Music / Cleary Connolly Meta-perceptual helmets; Dutch Wax / Caballeros Simpáticos Experimental music / Caoimhín O’Raghallaigh and Dan Trueman Traditional music.

5 FEBRUARY : Grace Weir 2 films / Patrick Cavanagh Monster Flash / Hervé Binet Gustatory experience / Dinah Bird & Jean Philippe Renoult Little Voice / Fabrice Naud Theremin performance / Janet Moran Theatrical performance / Ronan Guilfoyle Musician / Dave Lordan Poetry / Cleary Connolly Meta-perceptual helmets; Moving Still; On Sight.

19 FEBRUARY : Roger Doyle Music / Guillaume Dumas Cognition Social / Dan Shipsides Installation / Patrick Cavanagh Monster Flash / Hervé Binet Gustatory experience / Dinah Bird and Jean Philippe Renoult Little Voice / Maighread Medbh Poetry / Cleary Connolly Meta-perceptual helmets; On Sight; Time is a dimension.

Profiles of participants—in order of appearance—below:

Patrick Cavanagh is the head of the Centre Attention & Vision and Professor at the Université Paris Descartes.  He has explored the contribution of shadow, color, motion, and texture to representations of visual form and these experiments led to his interest in art as a source of data for neuroscience.

Jenny Brady works with the moving image to explore ideas around translation, perception and language. Recent exhibitions include EVA International 2014, Limerick, Images Festival 2014, Toronto (2014), Futures ’13 RHA, Dublin, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.

Jean-Philippe Renoult is a writer, radio producer and is a writer, radio producer and sound artist based in Paris. His work focuses on field recordings and transformation of environmental sounds.

DinahBird is a sound artist living and working in Paris. She makes radio programmes, audio publications, installations, and soundtracks. Recent commissions include Topographies Nocturnes, a radio art project for which she won the prestigious Prix Luc Ferrari.

Caballeros Simpáticos (David Haddad, Automne Lajeat, Perry Leopard and Glenn Marzin) play, among other things, keyboards, found sounds, cello, theremin, xylophone, guitar, saxophone and percussion.

Être Par Six (Carmela Uranga, Lucy Dixon, Erik Rehl and Pierre Grosbois) are a Paris based performance troup that combine their individual disciplines (visual art, theatre, dance, cinema), to creates pieces that give a multilayered sense of time and place.

Cork born poet Billy Ramsell holds the Chair of Ireland Bursary for 2013. He has published two collections with Dedalus Press, Complicated Pleasures in 2007 and The Architect’s Dream of Winter in 2013, which was shortlisted for the Irish Times Poetry Now Award.

A one-time archeologist, Hervé Binet began publishing art books in the 90s and sees this work with artists as continuous with his previous profession—creating traces of works that will be important for our future comprehension of them. After this, his experience as an art dealer allowed him to discover a taste for luxury—and so for cheese. He discovered—in the world of cheese just as in the world of art— the I like, I don’t like, it’s good, it’s not good, knowing of course that one can always like what is not good. Now a cheese consultant, he will offer here a series of experiences to examine this peculiarity of judgement, but also to discover some new cheeses which may perhaps allow us to escape from our preconceptions through the application of perception.

Grace Weir works primarily in the moving image and is concerned with aligning lived experience of the world with knowledge and theory. She represented Ireland at the 49th International Venice Biennale and has exhibited widely nationally and internationally.

Fabrice Naud—AKA Docteur Naud—is the only musician we know who can play a violin and a theremin simultaneously. He is also the inventor of the not-yet-famous Braguettophone—a trouser zip that plays music (also the only musician who knows how to play it so far). In fact, Fabrice seems to know how to do just about anything related to music: composition; installation; mixing; engineering; playing traditional instruments; playing electronic instruments; inventing electronic instruments… all that without losing his temper. In other words, the sort of chap you would definitely invite to your meta-perceptual happening.

Janet Moran is an actor based in Dublin where she works with the Corn Exchange Theatre Company. She has toured to the UK, Germany, Australia and Mexico. Swing, the play that she co-wrote, played in CCI in May 2014, as well as at the Irish Arts Center in New York, where it received the New York Times critics pick. She will perform extracts from Irish plays focusing on ideas of transformation in performance.

Ronan Guilfoyle is a major figure on the Irish jazz scene with an international reputation as a performer, teacher and composer. Perception is important to him as a jazz musician, where combinations of rhythms can create new rhythms that only exist in the composite sounds of the other rhythms.

Dave Lordan  is a writer based in Dublin who has been shaking up the Irish writing scene with his passionate, risk-taking writing since the early noughties.

Irish composer Roger Doyle has worked extensively in theatre, film and dance. Babel, his magnum opus, was released on a five-CD set in 1999 and is a celebration of the multiplicity of musical language and evolving technologies. It took Doyle ten years to compose. He worked with 48 collaborators and produced 103 individual pieces of music for Babel. In 2007 he won the Magisterium Award at the Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition in France, for his composition The Ninth Set - a three album electronic music set called Passades.

Guillaume Dumas received his doctorate in cognitive neurosciences from Université Paris 6. He recently joined the reseach team in human genetics and cognitive functions at l’Institut Pasteur. He will present recent advances in cognitive sciences and illustrate them with demonstrations  drawing as much from art as from science.

Dan Shipsides’ work embraces a concept of landscape as the living experience of the world around us as much as the cultured and framed perspective of landscape as a genre within culture. He is former co-director at Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

Máighréad Medbh has been a pioneer of performance poetry in Ireland since the 1990s. Structure and rhythm are crucial in her work, often representing inner happenings and perceptions. Her poems at the Meta-Perception Club will speak of disorder, obsession and re-imaginings.

Hervé Binet

Still from The Ages of the Universe. Grace Weir, 2003-2012

C&C with Patrick Cavanagh, 2011

Rhona Clarke & Concorde

6 January – 20 February 2015

Happenings on 22 January

5 February

19 February

Still from Technology Autonomous, Jenny Brady, 2011

The Meta-Perception Club

A co-curated series of exhibitions, happenings, a residency and talks

Presented by Cleary Connolly and the Centre Culturel Irlandais

We are resident at CCI over the winter months from December to the end of February. From 6  Janauary to 20 February we will run an open studio (Tuesdays to Fridays 14:00 - 17:00) where we will present five optical devices that challenge the way we use our two eyes to look at the world. Audiences will have the opportunity to try them on under our supervision. The project is inspired by early 20th century experiments in perceptual adaptation. The complex optics were developed over eighteen months in consultation with research institutes in Paris and Montreal. The collection has been hand-crafted in aluminium by master coachbuilder Neil McKenzie. As part of our residency we will also host a number of talks by researchers in the field of perceptive psychology in our studio at CCI.

In parallel CCI has invited three artists who work in film and are interested in ideas of perception to exhibit in CCI’s gallery space. Grace Weir, Jenny Brady and Dan Shipsides all explore visual perception and ways of seeing in their work.

In late winter the Meta-perception Club will play host to three happenings—evenings of performances, talks and scientific demonstrations exploring the science and the poetry of perception. Coinciding with the openings of the three exhibitions, these evenings will bring together Irish visual artists, performance poets, jazz, electronic and experimental musicians with performance artists from the Paris underground art scene and researchers in the field of perceptive psychology. This is the provisional programme (profiles of participants—in order of appearance—below):

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