LOUGH in a Box

Minister Brian Hayes TD (right) watches a binocular film on the ‘Box’ at the opening of ‘Hall of  Mirrors’ at Farmeigh Gallery, 15 march 2012

THE ‘box’ presents 4 binocular films, shot over a year at LOUGH LAnnagh in county mayo for our public commission on sight. each eye sees a film of the landscape, identical in setup to what the other eye sees but with some contradictions - different atmospheric conditions or different events - which challenge our perception of landscape as unchanging

The ‘Box’ in ‘Hall of  Mirrors’ at LCGA, 23 August 2012

Indoor installation

with 4 binocular films from ‘On Sight

Dimensions : 80 x 80 x 80 cm

Year : 2012

Courtesy of Mayo County Council