Using 2D and 3D information coming from a Kinect camera, the computer generates a live 3D ‘visual hull’. The image of the viewer can be rotated, so they can examine the ‘hull’ from any angle. The 3D model is, of course, incomplete since it is created using ONLY the cone of visual data that A single Kinect camera is capable of capturing. The cameras blind-spots are rendered as empty space.

Dr. David Monaghan of CLARITY and the artists have been exploring the use of the Kinect -  designed for the Xbox gaming console - as a 3D scanner capable of giving data that can be used to contruct a live 3D model of the real world as well as a tool for creating a dot-mirror for Joining the Dots.

Interactive Video Installation

Dimensions : variable

Year : 2012

Above: Lotti Connolly in the installation at LCGA.