TWO JOURNEYS through Dublin - One on the Luas red Line, the other on the luas geen line - are presented as ‘city-graphs’ side by side, cutting a  sort of vivi-section of the city sliced by its tramway…

Diptych film Installation


Commissioned by the Railway Procurement Agency.


Extract  from ‘Look Both Ways’ Right screen

Extract from ‘Look Both Ways’ Left screen

Look Both Ways takes two travelling shots of Dublin from moving tramways to produce an extraordinary “graph” of the city, a cross-section along both Luas lines simultaneously, allowing us to see the city as we have never seen it before. The installation is completed by the interactive Time-Slice installation and a slideshow presenting a famous historic precedent: Jacques-Henri Lartigue’s 1912 photograph Une Delage au grand prix de l'Automobile-Club.