The spectators/participants are entangled into a looped circuit of black and white stripes, which, even when the studio is empty, CONSTANTLY EVOLVE. the stripes are deformed by the visitors’ silhouettes, and these deformations are echoed with increasing delay as they move through the stripes.

Stripes are part of the language of everyday life. In art, as in fashion, road signage, or the zoo, stripes abound – stating alternately “cross here”, “hello sailor”, or “don’t notice me, I’m really a bush”.

What are you to think then, when you come across stripes solemnly staring at you from a frame in your local art gallery?

A piece of card on the wall close by tells you that in fact these stripes reorder your perceptual responses, or perhaps they are carefully calibrated meditations on colour and scale – in any case they are stripes, and you are supposed to observe them carefully, at which point they appear to shift, and you are overtaken by a slight dizzy pell, feel ill, and have to leave the gallery…

Interactive video installation

Dimensions : variable

Year : 2006-2012.