Motion capture session with Sir Simon Rattle: we marvelled at how, in silence, he could conjure such music around his person.

A member of the public tries the Horsehead at the Dead Zoo, National Museum, Dublin, November 2014

Carmella Uranga wearing the Hammerhead Helmet, Paris, July 2014

“Less than Thirteen” is a large-scale projected artwork, which uses motion capture to interpret the movement of Sir Simon Rattle conducting Elgar’s Enigma Variations, exploring the inherent musicality of his movement by reducing his form to a series of animated dots. As part of This is Rattle, the Barbican and LSO jointly commissioned this digital work from us for the Concert Hall Wall of the Barbican foyer.

Less than Thirteen draws on Gunnar Johansson’s theories of perception, which showed that as few as thirteen moving points can be fully understood as a human body. Sir Simon Rattle is visualized as such, making abstract movements to evoke melody and music in the minds of visitors. The work is part of the Barbican's foyer commissions programme which extend the Barbican’s ambitious, international artistic programme giving visitors opportunities to experience outstanding art for free.

The work installed at the Barbican