Pratiques IV: La Répetition

Public Commission for the new Mediathèque in Sorgues



Like Mains d’œuvre, the work focuses on details, but this time in movement. 6 silent musical video-works work in harmony together to create a moving portrait of the activities in the school. We filmed close details of fingers plucking chords, lips pursed on mouthpieces, vigorous movements of a drummer’s arm and the complex interaction of fingers and keys on guitars, flutes, violins, pianos, drum-kits, saxophone, cellos and clarinet’s. The result is a series of  short films examining the subtilities of movement, rhythm and contour in musical practice.

            1. La Répétition

  1. This piece, placed in the entrance hall of the Music School, was inspired by an experience we had while preparing for the Yokohama Triennial in 2005 with a Japanese pianist, Eriko Momotani. We spent a week exploring the different ways that video could express the movements of the pianists body, using colour, line and texture. For the Music School in Sorgues, we turned once again to the physical aspects of musical performance.