Past + Presence

Edge N°2

Gandon Editions

Publication with DVD

Hardback, 80 pages

ISBN 978 0948037 511

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“The work of Cleary and Connolly has an extraordinary resonance and a sophisticated aesthetic, perhaps absorbed from their French milieu and the dialectic between French and Irish cultural sensibilities.”

Paul O’Brien New-media art: An Irish context,

Circa 120, 2007

An 80 page full colour, hardcover edition with texts by international critics and a foreword by Michael Fitzpatrick, Director of LCGA.

Published as part of Gandon Editions’ EDGE series on Irish Art and Architecture, this much anticipated book spans 10 years of Connolly and Cleary’s work.

Moving Dublin

Publication with DVD

Foreword by Frank McDonald

Hardback, 96 pp colour. 20€

Gandon Editions KINSALE

ISBN 978 0948037 696

A million everyday journeys course through the veins of Dublin, giving it life (or poisoning it?). These journeys range in scale and rhythm from the incessant and anonymous flow of motorway traffic, through the familiar trundling of a local bus journey right down to the micro-scale of an early morning stroll around the block with the dog.

This multiplicity of intersecting paths gives the place its form, carving roads, highways and public spaces, and filling the void in-between with buildings. The impact of these journeys transforms lives, changes the face of the city and resonates on a planetary level. Throughout the two years that we worked on Cityloops we moved around Dublin in every way possible  by car, taxi, bus, train, tram, bicycle and on foot and in all seasons. We amassed a hoard of treasures video footage, photographs, interviews, ambient sounds, stories, all little snippets of Moving Dublin. These documents reflect as much the built reality of the urban space as they do a mental picture of the city that Lady Morgan once called her dear, dirty, Dublin.

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In the Works/

Vu de l’interieur.

Foreword by Helen O’Donoghue.

Texts in English and French by Anne Cleary, Denis Connolly, Gemma Tipton.

Hardback, 112 pp colour. 20€

Gandon Editions

ISBN 978 0948037 818

In the Works compile texts and photographs from our recent participatory projects - focusing particularly on Still life with… , We Can Fly  and Pratiques - but also looking at the work we did with the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Barbican in London. Texts by Helen O’Donoghue and Gemma Tipton focus on the complex interactions with people in these works, while our own texts trace the development of our practice in relation to people and technology.