Centre Pompidou

October 2008- January 2009

Curated by

Muriel Venet & Sarah Mattera

In our 2008-09 exhibition in the Pompidou Centre—Pourquoi pas Toi?—we engaged a heterogeneous public, setting up three environments that were both studios of creation and exhibition galleries. These studios were more or less empty and it was clear that without the participation of visitors, nothing would happen; the empty studios would remain, literally, empty. But once visitors enter the studio, is it enough for them to be present, watching, for the studio to come to life? Our invitation to them did not specify their involvement, there were no instructions. We brought them to the threshold between observation and participation, where they could step in and out of both worlds. As artists, we had set up the rooms with cameras and projectors and infrared lamps and created the computer programmes to manage these entanglements. Were we observers then? Were we participants?

Studio 1: Plus/Minus. 02’34”.

VITRINE: Then/Now. Clip 01’08”

Studio 2: Colour/Motion. 01’53”.

Studio 3: Moving/Still 02’15”.

ROLL THROUGH. 04’48” with Francis Voignier.

THEREMINE. Clip 03’24” with Fabrice Naud

Anne Collod. Dance Studio 3. 03’31”.

DANCE. Emma Fitzgerald & Áine Stapleton. 04’23”

Francis Voignier Clip 06’08”

RIDC Clip 02’51”

Norbert Godon Clip 02’00”

Villier-le-Bel Clip 01’53”

Remote Clip 01’51”

Claire de Monclin Clip 02’51”

Christine Farenc Clip 05’17”

Anne Collod. Dance Studio 1. Clip 03’12”

Anne Collod. Dance Studio 2. 01’36”





STUDIO 1 Plus/Minus

STUDIO 2 Colour/Motion

STUDIO 3 Mobility/Stillness


Christmas Day
Cracked Looking Glass