Prof. Noel O’Connor

Dr. Philip Kelly

Dr. David Monaghan

Daniel Finnegan

Dr. Aoibheann Bird


Université Paris Descartes

Dr. Patrick Cavanagh

Dr. Pascal Mamassian

Dr. Kevin O’Regan

Thi Bich Doan


Dr. Bridget Kelly


Dr. Sally Duensing

King’s College London

Anne Marie Morrin

MIC Limerick


Anne Cleary

Denis Connolly


Vincent O’Shea

Dr. Patrick Cavanagh recently arrived from Harvard School of Psychology, Patrick directs la Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception at University Paris Descartes. His research focuses on visual perception, in particular how features such as shadow, colour, motion, and texture are used in the perception of form.

Professor Noel O’Connor whose work focuses on digital video technology, is a Research Fellow with the CLARITY Centre, a prestigious scientific institution based at Dublin City University, focusing their research on the uses of new technologies in the real world. He is collaborate with us on technological aspects of several of the installations.

Dr. Philip Kelly graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA (Mod) in Computer Science (2002) and completed his PhD in the School of Electronics Engineering at Dublin City University (December 2007). Since January 2008 he has been employed as a post-doctoral researcher in CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, Centre for Digital Video Processing (CDVP), Dublin City University.

Dr. David Monaghan received a degree in electronic engineering from University College Dublin (UCD) in Dublin in 2004 and completed his PhD in Applied Optics and Optical Encryption at the School of Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical Engineering in UCD in 2009.  David is currently working for CLARITY: The Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, and is based in Dublin City University (DCU).

Dr. Bridget Kelly has been the CLARITY Education and Outreach Officer since October 2008. This role involves a variety of activities from internal and external communications for the centre, organising courses and seminars for CLARITY personnel. Over the years she has taught a variety of science related topics at many different levels, from primary school students to Master’s students.

Dr. Sally Duensing, currently Visiting Professor at King’s College London, her research is primarily in the area of public science. Her expertise lies in converting scientific research into accessible museum exhibits, and she will have an advisory role in the development of the exhibition and associated educational program.

Above: preliminary project meeting, June 2010. L to R: Dr. Sally Duensing, Denis Connolly, Dr. Patrick Cavanagh,  Anne Cleary.

Vincent O’Shea established and developed the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny, Ireland, and was responsible for establishing an Irish presence at prestigious art, craft and design events internationally. He has managed over 60 public art projects in Ireland. He is the curator of the Farmleigh exhibition and subsequent tour.

Pascal Mamassian PhD trained in Telecommunication Engineering and Cognitive Sciences with a PhD in Experimental and Biological Psychology, he has worked at the Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and New York University. He was at the University of Glasgow before taking a researcher position at the CNRS (France).

Below: Dr. David Monaghan, Dr. Noel O’Connor, Dr. Phil Kelly of CLARITY with Denis Connolly at the opening of Hall of Mirrors at Farmleigh, 15 March 2012

Sparked by a chance meeting in Paris between the artists and Prof. Patrick Cavanagh of Harvard and Université Paris Descartes, Hall of Mirrors has GRown into a major art-science collaboration, involving RESEARCHERS from CLARITY in DUBLIN as well as scientists from le laboratoire psychologie de la perception in paris.