Yes or no?

Is Ireland really an ultra-liberal pirate off the coast of Europe? Or is our country quietly maturing into an exemplary European social democracy? Does our little republic play its larger neighbours off against each other, preserving precious EC Development Funds while offering multinationals outrageous fiscal advantages? Or does the small dynamic economy - offering jobs and integration to new citizens - give the European mastodon a badly needed shot in the arm?Should we support reforms that will allow the emergence of a strong Europe with a real central administration capable of launching ambitious projects on a continental scale, defending its interests in the world and eventually reversing its decline on the global stage? Or should we lobby for a Europe made up of independent regions with real autonomy defending their own local interests in competition with their neighbours?Is the poverty and alienation in Dublin’s Inner City and in the western and northern suburbs the beginning of a descending spiral of urban decay? Or will the economic affluence of the last decade re-establish itself and eventually ‘lift all boats’ to give the nascent urban regeneration a chance to succeed?

Is Dublin becoming a centreless and edgeless sprawl on the model of Los Angeles, following its curve of affluence but learning nothing from its mistakes? Or is Dublin slowly on its way to becoming a sustainable metropolis of several million with a dense heart, and with the unspoilt resources of sea and mountains on its doorstep?


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Moving Dublin explores the everyday world of movement in Dublin and its vast sprawling suburbs spreading out west from the coastal city. We look at how far the contemporary world of the Dublin commuter has strayed from the civic realm it constituted when Joyce wrote the Wandering Rocks chapter of Ulysses.

Moving Dublin is to be published in the form of a book and DVD in March 2009 by Gandon Editions

Moving Dublin has been commissioned by South Dublin County Council through In Context 3 and funded under the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government’s Per Cent for Art Scheme.