Particles or Waves?

Public Commission by Cleary Connolly

with students and staff of St. Patricks College, Cavan

The paradoxical nature of light (a particle or a wave?) is the premise for this project. We explore how universal this paradox is: is a rugby team more like a wave than a particle? And a democratic election? Is human society made of particles or waves?

There are five works distributed through the school, each developed through a participative process with students and staff of the school.


A work for the ceiling of the entrance hall, involving a trampoline and several hundred students!

A drawing project - reproducing historical studies exploring the nature of light - to be printed on the groundfloor windows  of the school

A drawing project to make an experimental ceiling work using coloured light and two superimposed drawings

A video project exploring sports movements—reduced to a simple play of dots—with the students.

An external work introducing the students to colour complementarity with a play of colour-filtering lenses arranged into a ‘circle of complements’ in the courtyard of the new school.