The paradoxical nature of light (a particle or a wave?) is the premise for this project. We explore how universal this paradox is: is a rugby team more like a wave than a particle? And a democratic election? Is human society made of particles or waves?

There are five works distributed through the school, each developed through a participative process with students and staff of the school.

Particles or People?

Particles or Waves?

Public Commission by Cleary Connolly

with students and staff of St. Patricks College, Cavan


Based on Gunnar Johansson’s work on the perception of human bodies in motion, this video work explores how our minds can extrapolate from such minimal information as a cluster of moving dots to divine complete human figures in motion. The composition is made up only of 13 moving white dots on a black background, from which we can construct moving humen forms, derived from video recordings of students performing sporting movements