On Sight

Binocular Installation

Lough Lannagh


County Mayo

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5th year students from St. Joseph’s School in Castlebar participated in shoots during spring 2011, helping us create scenes from 1920s picnics to fashion shows using recycled materials. In July we worked with the Castlebar Youth Project to make a series of summer scenes.

On Sight is a video/sculptural installation for Lough Lannagh in County Mayo exploring binocular vision. Each of these four binocular viewing posts are installed in situ on the lakeside, juxtaposing a HD film of the lake for the left and the right eye which, though filmed from an identical view-point, integrate some contradictory information, which the brain will nevertheless try to converge into a stereo picture. The two films may simply be recorded in different atmospheric conditions - a freezing January morning beside at summer storm in July - or they may integrate more complex narrative events. The project is a public commission for Mayo County Council, part of the Landmark public art programme.