Scenes from the Boulevard No. 7. le Couloir. 0’51’’

Scenes from the Boulevard No. 10. Ark. 01’ 59’’

Scenes from the Boulevard No. 17. Le Déluge. 02’ 53’’

BPM. 16’ 39” 2004. With JP Renoult

The Boulevard Project is an open-ended and evolving multimedia art project, entirely shot in the 18th arrondissement in north Paris, and predominantly on the Boulevard Barbès. Created over a seven year period, the project comprises, to date, 24 short films, a multi screen video installation, three single screen video installations, and a new film project entitled Natures Construites, released in November 2007.




Scenes from the Boulevard, a video odyssey in 24 episodes, a little ring of passing time, from high up on a balcony in a Parisian building on Boulevard Barbès, a ‘hard neighbourhood’ with all the connotations that term implies. 

Thi Bich Doan,

Past & Presence

Gandon Editions 2007

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly have created a series of works that can be described as modern city symphonies...  Scenes from the boulevard is a collection of bittersweet insights into the identity, confusions and twists of life in the big city.

Simrishamn International Art Film Festival, Sweden, October 2004

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly film the city with an impertinent eye.  They provoke events that go against the flow and reveal, with humor and insight, the surprising or absurd sides of daily life.

Annie Zimmermann,

Urbanism, Dec 2003

This observation of movement in time is at the core of BPM. By freezing time, and confronting it with movement, Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly recreate filmic time.


Les Écrans  Documentaire,

Arceuil, France, Dec 2004

The double image only really appeared after Bo and Lotti were born.  It was subconscious, I think, but all of a sudden things in multiples became fascinating. We came up with the ideas for several of the later Boulevard scenes, all of which work with doubles or multiple figures, without really making the connection with our twins. 

Anne Cleary

Interview with Karen Normoyle

Past & Presence

Gandon Editions 2007

12345SIX. 2009. 10’ 02” . With Jean Philippe Renoult


Natures Construites. 17’03”