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Year : 2007

Length : 11 minutes


Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly

Original tower footage

Eamonn Elliott


«Phrase for Goran Zivadinovic» Composed by Andrew Hamilton,

Performed by The Ensemble Ascolta.

Ballymun Sequence is a commission of the Dublin Health Service Executive.

This musical piece is the result of a unique participative art project, concieved around the urban renewal of Ballymun, a housing project to the north of Dublin built in the 1960’s, with social problems common to many urban housing projects worldwide: poverty, crime and alienation.

We watch the seven the seven towers of Ballymun crash to the ground as the curtains are drawn on an infamous 20th century urban experiment. We were struck by the sight of thousands of birds scattering in panic. Their forced migration became a metaphor for migrations of peoples worldwide and set the tone for this tribute to the modern city.