AñoSOS 4.8

Murcia, Spain

January/May 2009

On the invitation of Jota Castro, and working with Spanish choreographer Marisa Brogarolas and 8 local dancers, we offered the people of Murcia the opportunity to engage with a series of new media artworks set up in front of the Cathedral. Using digital cameras, computers, a giant LED screen and a  projection on the facade of Rafael Moneo’s City Hall, we created a stage where dancers and public can enter the work, creating forms and colour with their movements. The major event was a series of 4 dance performances on the evening of 31 January.

In May we took part in the festival curated by Jota Castro, creating a live stream of video for a giant LED screen set up at the centre of the festival venue.


Danza. 31 January 2009

Clip 03’31”


Jose Manuel Lozano Rubio

Chussa Alcaraz

Sebastian Gómez Lozano

Mayte Moreno

Maite Garbin

Miriam Rodenas

Marisa Brugarolas

Choreographic Coordination

Marisa Brugarolas

Public Sessions.

31 January 2009.

Clip 01’26”